How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in September

September is the start of the transition from summer to fall in the city of light. Locals experience the la rentreé which sort of mean “back to school” but also include the adults. This is accompanied by the subsiding of the summer vibe in the city. Everything goes back to normal as stores reopen, politicians get back to work and thicker edition of newspapers are published. Aside from the traditional New Year in the calendar, September seems to be Paris’ de facto nouvel an.

Why should you love Paris during September? Since tourist season is wearing down, plane and hotel fares drop. You can also enjoy a nicer weather than the summer months. Summer vibe hang-over may still be observe around the city, but local residents from their vacations are also returning which results to a combination of cheerful and typical Parisian mood. September will be the best time to visit if you want to avoid the hassle and crowded visit during the peak season. Visiting during late September is recommended if you want to avoid the tail-end of the peak summer season.

September is also still a great time to spend boat cruising around the Seine River or the Paris canals and waterways. You will appreciate it better during the sunny days while you enjoy the cool breeze. On the other hand, you may still discover wonderful spots around Paris by foot with the guidance of the 2-day Paris itinerary.

There are some events that you can look forward to in Paris during September. One of them is the “Musical Waters” show at the Chateau de Versailles. By attending this event, you would be able to experience the collaboration of light, water and classical music while strolling in the garden of the world’s most well-known chateau. There would also be an Autumn Festival (Festival de l’Automne). This is celebrated since 1972 and it emphasizes various amazing works of contemporary visual art, music, cinema, theater and a lot more.

Expect that the temperature in Paris during September would be around 13 degrees (55.4 degrees F) to 21 degrees (69.8 degrees F), which gives the average temperature of 15 degree C (59 degrees F). Average rainfall is 53 millimeters (2.1 inches).

To help you prepare for your trip to Paris during this month, here are some things you should know. Remember that Paris will normally be cool and wet during September. Expect that rainfalls are common during this time of the year and some autumn-like conditions may postpone a few outdoor activities. However, there has been some recent odd heat strikes occurrence in the city during summer season. Elderly, tourists with medical conditions and parents with their children must be able to take some precaution in case this situation takes place. It is advisable to reserve air-conditioned rooms and to drink plenty of water to avoid any complications.

Add umbrellas to your things-to-bring list because cloudy and rainy condition may be experienced often during September. Bring your trusty comfortable pair of shoes to accompany you in strolling around the long tunnels, stairs and streets around the city of Paris. You should also consider bringing some summer gears like hats and visors since summer season is just ending during September.