How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in November

During the month of November, the city tends to be serene and meditative. As the days go by, the number of tourist decrease and the weather starts to be colder. These indicate that November is not a high season for the city.

On the contrary, it is great to visit Paris during November to enjoy some indoor activities and attractions. It would be terrific to spend some time appreciating the awe striking displays on the well known museums and galleries in Paris. You may also explore the wonderful and incomparable architecture of Paris’ churches and cathedrals and come across some delightful arthouse movie theatres found around the city. Even simply sitting comfortably and drinking some cafe crème while watching over the chilly café windows could make your Paris experience extra special as well.

Another advantage of visiting Paris during November would be the higher possibility of having cheaper airfares and hotel reservations. Fares tend to be higher during the summer season. You could freely enjoy Paris too since the packs of cheerful and enthusiastic tourists from all over the globe are already gone. Waiting for never ending lines and getting into places you want to visit would never be a problem for you. Visiting in a low-key season may give you the pleasure of having some casual conversation with some Paris residents since they are most probably back from their escape from Paris’ peak season. To sum it all up, visiting Paris in November wouldn’t be a bad decision at all.

Expect that the temperature in Paris during November would most possibly be around 5 degrees C (42 degrees F) to 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) with the average of 6 degrees C (42. 8 degrees F). Average rainfall is also assumed to be 54 millimeter (2.1 inches)

To help you pack the things you need, here are some reminders that could help you get ready for your trip to Paris. November for the city of light is expected to be cool and rainy. The weather is approaching a freezy one so you must not forget bringing clothes that could warm you up. Bring some comfortable sweaters, warm socks, cozy scarves and convenient coats. You should pack a sturdy umbrella and a reliable rain coat with a hood to protect you from the rainy days.

Rain boots may not be needed but any shoes that are not waterproof must be left behind. A pair of flat shoes for women who love wearing heels is a must. A comfortable pair of shoes is needed for walking around the city, and since the street and even the stairs can be a bit tricky to walk on during rainy days, it would be better to wear a pair of comfortable flat footwear. You should also pack some cozy gloves so you’ll feel more relieved while strolling around the city. Bringing a thermos is advisable too so that you can enjoy some hot tea or coffee while enjoying the wonderful city of Paris.