How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in May

The month of May in Paris is a very active month where tourists are beginning to storm the city for tours and vacations. Winter is finally over and it is time for the trees and flowers to blossom. You can see a Paris with a vibrant and lively color not only because of the flowering plants but the number of people coming from different regions of the world. The crowd becomes thick and from left to right you can see something and you will be very busy in so many things. If you come to Paris at this month, you will not regret it because it is the best time to roam the city.

During this month, you can freely visit gardens and parks located inside the city and you can appreciate the lively flowers. You can just sit, relax, have a picnic then walk around. It is best that you would pack your very comfortable pair of shoes and you can even wear an open toe shoe because the weather is not that cold anymore. You can appreciate roaming the city at its best when you will walk because you can pass by every detail and you can make stops as long as you want. You will not only see the major attractions in the city but you will see the city itself on its everyday routine.

This May 2010, there are various events that you might want to attend if you plan on going this year. On May 15th the Museum night is scheduled, it presents the famous museums in Paris and can be visited for free. Each Museum at that event will have its own main attraction to show. The French Open at Roland Garros will be held on May 23-June 6. All tennis fans are welcome to watch the games. It is a major league in France where a number of famous tennis players had their debut. On May 28-31st, there will be an Artists’ Open House in Belleville Galleries which would feature around 200 artists and their works for 3 days. This will be a chance for tourists to know artists and Paris.

With a whole lot of events lined for the month of May, it is a great chance for visitors see more of Paris more than the usual tour. Just bear in mind that you bring all the necessary things you need in your vacation. Remember to pack a set of sweaters and jackets, and don’t forget to forget your umbrella because even if the weather is already hot, there are particular days that the rain will just pour, it is common in Paris during this time of the year.

It is very advantageous for travelers to book a flight earlier before May so that you can still get a lower price compared when it is already the peak season. You can get a deal for sure, but most have increased their rate because there are too many people who want to visit Paris.