How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in March

Paris in the month of March is where the cold and dark winter days are coming to an end. The skies are clear and the sun shows up. However, the weather is still cold but not up to the freezing point compared during the winter. March is a great time to walk in the parks and visit places in a sunny day. It is enjoyable to see the trees starting to blossom and the bits of ice melting away. Paris is a place where you can enjoy sightseeing best by walking. During this time, Parisians are spending their time outside and enjoying the sunlight.

Even if the winter is over, the weather is still cold and it is a must for you to bring jackets or sweaters to keep you warm in a cold day. However you can wear casual clothes such as jeans because you can not tell, it might be a sunny day and you can wear your sunglasses. It is a great day especially for families who want to enjoy outdoor fun. Visiting parks and grounds is best because the weather is not to cold so you can play outside. Remember to bring an umbrella because there are sudden rain pour in Paris, and by the way, sometimes march can be a rainy month so you should also pack waterproof shoes to keep your feet warm and dry.

Since the sun already shows up during the month of March, you might as well gears to protect you from direct heat of the sun. March is great month to visit Paris because you can walk and roam around the city comfortably plus you can visit the major attractions without having to carry heavy winter gear. For people who are very active this month is right for them because of the relatively warm weather because the summer is approaching, the trees start to blossom and the peak summer season is also about to begin.

You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities during the month of March so you should also pack some comfortable clothes and shoes. There are a good number of parks and gardens to visit in Paris for free. You can relax on the parks while having a picnic or just walk there and feel the breeze of the fast approaching summer wind.

If you have plans to have a tour on this month have your flight booked earlier so you can still avail of the remaining cheaper deals. After the month of March the deals are getting higher and higher because summer is about to begin and many tourists are planning on a trip to Paris. Have plans on where you would stay and be responsible enough to search for the best that you can get. Remember that trip to Paris must be a planned trip so that you will not waste your time and money, and enjoy the rest of your stay. Exhaust all means to save a handful of money.