How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in June

Paris has been known today as one of the top most visited city in the whole world because of its magnificence in culture, arts, architecture, and history. Many famous people lived in Paris and this city has been standing for many centuries preserving the hundreds of years of old structures. Paris has many Major attractions to boast off. For people who want to see a lively Paris with sunshine, June is definitely the best month to travel. The only thing is that you really have to pay for higher flight booking rates because many people are planning to go to Paris. If you don’t like to go in the crowded places and a loud city, then you definitely should go to Paris in some other time of the year.

At this time of the year, people are very active, tourist and locals alike. They are always outside especially when the sun is shining great. There are a lot of things to do in a sunny day. You could wear casual clothes and walk around the city comfortably, It is great to visit different parks and gardens inside the city because the flowers are blossoming and you can see lively plants on a summer day. You could spend time walking around the park especially when you are a family on a trip, it is a good activity for bonding then afterwards you can have a picnic. Paris is also a very special place for couples who want to spend their honeymoon or just want a vacation to celebrate their love, Paris is a perfect place for them. At night time, couple could go to romantic places in Paris and enjoy the scenery.

On the month of June, this year, Paris will have special events. The French Open Tennis Tournament at Roland Garros will be held up to June 6. Visitors can watch the tournament and see their favorite tennis players. On June 21st, Paris will have its “Paris Street Music Festival” were many different bands from different genres will fire up the streets for good music. On the 26th of June, the Paris Gay Parade will be held, it is one of the most famous festivals in the city because plenty of people want to witness the parade especially those from the third sex. The festival is very colorful and loud. For this year, the Paris Gay Parade will be held on Metro Monparnasse Bienvenue.

For other guidelines, you should be aware that the month of June in Paris, there are sudden rainfall so be sure to also pack an umbrella, a waterproof boots and a good pair of gloves to keep you warm and dry when it rains. Being prepared for your vacation is always an advantage, be sure that you have them packed before traveling to avoid any hassles, you don’t want to spoil your Paris tour just because you forgot to bring necessities. Be mindful of your money, have it kept in a safe place that no one can easily find, using a money belt would be wise.