How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris in December

On the month of December, Paris comes to life as it literally as well as spiritually lit up for the holiday season. Shiny shimmering lights are spread all over the trees of Champs-Elysees and everywhere around the city as well. Hotel de Ville, the Paris City Hall arranges a wonderful ice-skating park rink for the people. You will also see the Christmas markets that have cozy booths with wooden roofs. They offer a lot of holiday top sellers including some vin chaud (hot wine), magnificent Christmas decorations, wonderful Christmas gifts and some delicious holiday treats. There is also a Chanukah celebration like menorah lighting that adds an extra attraction to Paris’ holiday season. You can also have a lot of other options in Paris to have a holiday experience that you would surely never forget.

Paris usually has a cheerful and positive vibe during the holidays. This results to the calm ambiance in the city. This is a great time to plan visits in the magnificent museums and galleries and other tourists attractions around Paris. Enjoy every moment of your stay by strolling around, trying some cinnamon-infused hot wine and attending some exciting holiday concerts. Leave all your problems behind as you step into the city of light. Have the pleasure of being in such a beautiful city and take everything in.

Travel to Paris during the holiday season can be a bit expensive. So it is advisable to reserve some plane tickets and hotel room as early as you can. Price increase occurs because of the holiday rush.

Expect that the temperature in Paris during December would most probably be around 3 degrees C (37.4 degrees F) to 7 degrees C (44.6 degrees F) which gives the average of 4 degrees C (39.2 degrees F). Average rainfall is also expected to be 49 millimeters (1.9 inches).

To help you know what to pack up for your trip to Paris, here are some pointers you should know. December in Paris is usually cold and rainy. You may expect a day where the temperature hits zero degrees and below. You may assume that there will be some snow but usually, the snow melts even before it hits the ground. This makes the road a bit slippery so you need shoes that could protect you from these slippery streets. Make sure to bring clothes that would keep you warm. Pack some warm sweaters (preferably wool or cotton), some scarves, warm socks and coats. Bringing at least two turtlenecks is recommended as well.

Pack up a strong and sturdy umbrella that can stand a strong rainfall. It is advisable to bring at least two water-proofed shoes. One should be able to withstand the slippery and icy streets. You may also bring some rain boots if you get cold easily. Using heels for women is advisable to be worn indoor. It is dangerous to wear it on the slippery and wet streets of the city.

Pack some gloves and cozy hats as well, this would be useful while strolling around the cold streets. You may also consider bringing a thermos so you can enjoy some hot coffee or tea while admiring the wonderful parks and gardens. You should also remember to pack lightly since holiday season is a great time for shopping in Paris. Make sure you’ll have enough room for your new things and some souvenirs.