How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Visiting Paris France on a Shoestring Budget

When you are planning to go to Paris, you have to have knowledge about the place especially if you don’t have that much budget. If you already found a place to stay in Paris, the next thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the train stations within the city because it is the regular means of transportation there, it is economical and efficient.

You have to know that there are six major train stations in Paris and each of them has its own sets of destination. Know the trains that point to where you want to go. If you don’t want to ride the train, there are other options, you can ride a bus or you can travel via underground rail system. Both are also economical plus if you ride a bus, while you are traveling you can also view the scenery of the city.

Museums are among the top spots in the city that tourists would want to go. Before leaving the place where you stay you have to plan the museums that you want to visit, know the best places to visit so you will not be wasting time thinking when you are already roaming the city. Buying a Carte Musees et Monuments museum pass will allow you to visit as many as 60 museums valid for 3 or 5 days. It is more practical than purchasing passes for every museum that you visit.

A short vacation will not allow you to visit all the beautiful places in Paris, so you have to decide on visiting those you have interest or very famous places that every tourist in Paris must see. On the central city there are two banks, the Right Bank also known as the Rive Droite and the Left Bank also called as the Rive Gauche. Being on the right bank you should pay a visit on lie de la Cite which was the sit of Paris’ civilization, it is where the first group of people inhabited the land and progressed. It was also the center of the royal power and the church. You should also visit the Notre Dame Cathedral which stands as one of the most famous structures in the city. It shows the extraordinary architecture, inside the cathedral you can see creepy gargoyles. One must not absolutely miss visiting the famous Eiffel tower.

Going on to the Left Bank you should see the places such as Mosquee de Paris, Musee d’ Orsay, and of course the famous Louvre Museum which is the seat of many great artworks of famous artists. Here lies the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, the Mona Lisa. Visiting Paris is not just about the places, but also the food. You can find a lot of restaurants that offer good food like in Fauchon. It is among the most famous shops in Paris where you can taste delicious food. If you do not have enough budget, you can also try purchasing food from convenient stores, small groceries, and of course the supermarket. To stretch out your budget, you can avail a Carte Orange pass which you can use in riding trains and buses valid one week or month.