How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Safety in Paris France

How to tour Paris without losing your sanity

The city of Light is one of the most wonderful places that one should visit. With its many museums, lovely sights and attractions, it is easy to figure out why people fall in love with the city. But same with other places, countries and cities, there are also things that one should take note of it is not relatively safe as it was a decade ago. Therefore, before you lose your sanity with lost luggage, pocket money and simply get lost in the big city, here are some tips that would make it easier for you to enjoy your stay in the City of Light.

  • Theft – almost all places especially the ones where tourist flocks in hundreds have these so it is better to carry smaller amount especially if you are just visiting and not buying souvenirs. In addition, it would be best to carry traveller’s check and your valuable things near you. Never flaunt your valuables, purse, and mobile phones especially when you are in crowded places as thieves can easily pick tourist.
  • Trains – Trains like Metros are relatively safe however, there are some stations that should be avoided especially by women travelling alone at night as thieves and gangs will corner you even at broad daylight. Stations like Gare du Nord, Pigalle (which serves Paris’ red light district), Châtelet Les Halles, Charles de Gaulle Étoile, Barbès-Rochechouart , Gare de l’Est, Anvers and Republique should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Avoid contacts – Beautiful sights attract tourist but it also invited unwarranted attention from crime syndicates, beggars and thieves. Heighten police visibility can be seen on major attraction sites as reports of increase crime rate happened here. If you are a woman, avoid going alone at night and break off eye contact with male strangers as prolong eye contact indicates an invitation. It is also necessary to learn a few French words, as many beggars would ask you, if you speak English, and should you say yes, they would beg you for money.
  • Pedestrian lanes/driving – One should be very vigilant especially when you are crossing the streets as many Parisian often broke driving laws and would drive even if the red light is on. If you are driving, take note that traffic is very much dense and changing lanes at a moment’s notice is the norm. Therefore, you should check if your international insurance is up to date.
  • Embassy – remember your embassy’s number in France in case your passport or other legal documents are lost or stolen by thefts. It is better to locked your valuables on the hotel’s safety vault and not leave it in your room or carry it around if you are forgetful.
  • Safekeeping your luggage – Locked your luggage and remember to keep an eye on it especially on crowded places like metro stations and never position yourself near the entrance as your things can still be stolen from you when the door is closing.
  • Emergency numbers – The following are the numbers that you should always keep to yourself. This will help you in case you are lost or in need of help:

Medical Emergencies: Dial “15”
Poison treatment centre: 01 40 05 48 48
SOS Médecins (doctors): 01 47 07 77 77
Police: Dial “17”
SOS burns (Hospitals Cochin): 01 58 41 41 41
Your country’s embassy to France