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Rental Cars in Paris

Are you ready to spend a beautiful holiday in the City of Lights yet you don’t know where to rent a car on your stay there?  Read on and we’ll give you possible options for rental cars in Paris.

The French capital is really an exciting place to explore; with a multitude of beautiful scenery, historical places and a dwelling of the most popular works of art, surely, you’ll want to tour the whole city.  Some people find it easier and more convenient to rent a vehicle and drive around Paris by themselves; it makes the trip more thrilling and gets them moving at their own pace.

For those who plan to rent a car in Paris, here are some options for you:  Casual Car Service is a trusted company for car rentals in the city.  They have a long history of providing excellent service at the lowest prices.  They even have a 48-hour cancellation period where you can get a full refund when you cancel. Global Car Rental France’s office is located at the airport to handily assist you in your traveling needs on your first minutes in the city.  Easycar offers top-notch service on car rentals in Paris for as low as €17 per day or even a great deal of €80 a week during the summer.  With these dependable selections, you can choose where to rent a car on your trip to Paris.  Just remember that you have to be over 21 years old to avail of car rental and drive in this city.

For tourists whom driving is not an option, there are also private and public transfers that start from € 27.  You can also opt to take the bus, or the city’s subway system, commonly referred to as the Metro.  A single ticket costs 1.50 euros or 11.10 for a set of 10 tickets.   Balabus, Paris’ most popular bus line opens on high-tourist season from April to September.  You can get your tickets, costing 1.50 euros each at the Metro station.

Given these options for transportation, go on and travel at your own pace, and make the most of your holiday in Paris.


These are great options you mention for scooting around Paris. I did not end up renting a car during my last visit, but I wished I had. It just seems like it would have been more convenient to get in and go, but I was a bit worried about driving, so I relied upon bus and cab rides. I know I would have saved a lot of money now in hindsight. Next time I will try Easycar.