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Passe Navigo Decouverte

February 6th, 2009 by paris

The Carte Orange travel pass for Paris has been replaced with the Passe Navigo Decouverte, valid for for trains, metro, RER, tram, and buses (Not on TGV). This new travel pass uses an embedded smart-chip, and to get one issued you must pay a one-off fee of 5 euros which enables the Passe Navigo Decouverte to be valid for 10 years. You then pay and load your chosen travel zones onto the card.

This travel pass can be for either one week or one month, but must be from Monday to Sunday for the weekly, and from the first of the month for the monthly.

Passe Navigo Decouverte can be purchased from any station that normally sells tickets and passes. You’ll need a photo to be used on the pass, (a photocopy of your passport photo will do, then cut to size), plus a pen to write your name. Fill in the form, place the photo in the required spot then place the provided sticky film over the front.

Some transport staff are confusing the Passe Navigo Decouverte with the Passe Navigo, which is only for residents of Paris, and are therefore refusing to sell them to tourists, if this happens then just ask for a Passe Decouverte.

To use your Passe Navigo Decouverte you just wave your pass over the ticket reader and wait for the beep that tells you your ticket has been read.

Cost of Passe Navigo Decouverte:

€5 fee for card itself PLUS:

  • 16,80 for Paris only (Zone 1+2) – Enough to cover main attractions in city of Paris
  • 33 for Paris out to Airports CDG/ORY (up to Zone 5) – Covers Île-de-France, including CDG air port, Disney Land Paris, ORLY air port and Versailles.
  • 37,20 for all zones (up to Zone 6)

For the current week Passe Navigo Decouverte can bought up until Wednesday, midnight

After Wednesday, midnight, Navigo Decouverte is no longer available for purchase for the current week.

Next week’s pass, is on sale from Friday onwards.

Monthly passes may be purchased through the 19th of the current month and from the 20th for the following/next month.

Has NO proof of residency requirement.

Photo (Any head shot ) – even a photocopy !.Must fit into the space available (35mm x 41mm)

Doesn’t need to be in color.

Pass validity

Weekly – on First Train on Monday morning until last train on Sunday.

Monthly – on First Train,on the First Day of the Month until the Last Train on the Last Day of the month.

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