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Paris Syndrome

Feeling sad or depress? You might be experiencing Paris Syndrome

I love Paris, France, I think for many people, going to Paris, and seeing its grandeur and magnificence might be too much that they became ill or psychologically unstable. People who have visited the city, especially Japanese people experience what the medical field known as “Paris Syndrome.”

Paris syndrome, was first discovered by a Japanese psychiatrist named Prof.Hiroaki Ota and was later further investigated by Dr. Youcef Mahmoudia stating that the symptoms are due to the travelling period whereby the ill person experience hallucinations due to the excitement of seeing the city.

Other conditions that triggers or causes the syndrome are some of the following:

  • Languages/ dialects – French is a hard language to learn with a slight change in intonation and letters changing the whole meaning of the word or sentence. Confusion may arise especially if the tourist does not have a guide to do interpretation for him. It causes stress and headaches for tourist to understand the person especially if he wanted to buy souvenirs.
  • Culture shock – the idealism of Paris as the City of Love did not run true with its people. Often the idea of love and magnificence is glorified by the ideas of the past, but the truth is that the idea is very different from the truth. Many Parisian are, especially store sellers, will ignore you which is in accordance with their culture but is very different from Asian or Oriental culture where customers are considered as always right and have all the rights and is treated like royalty.
  • Exhaustion – many tourists would want to cram all of Paris during their entire stay in France, which usually makes the schedule hectic, and exhaustion from the day’s activities usually wears down ones stamina, not to mention the jet lag that one might incur from the long flights.

The syndrome which is also characterized by psychiatric symptoms, which includes but are not limited to hallucinations, depressions, feelings of being oppress, anxiety, derealisation or difficulty of distinguishing reality from fantasy and depersonalization or the feeling of losing one’s self. People, who are afflicted with the Paris syndrome, would experience acceleration of the heart rate, dizziness and sweating.

There is no proven treatment for the syndrome and doctors and health care specialist recommended that patients should take a period of rest, be on familiar surrounding and avoid going out to public places until the symptoms disappear completely. Fragile travellers or emotionally unstable ones should not rush visiting all the places in Paris, should familiarize themselves with the city for a day or tour to avoid getting culture shock, and made your vacation into a living nightmare.

To appreciate the city and its major attractions, it would also be better to book tours with English or your native dialect as the main language of your guide for the entire tour package, in that way you would be able to do away with the stress of understanding French and would have a guide to interpret for you. Now, Paris, anyone?