How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Paris in January-Longer Days and Laid Back Evenings

Ernest Hemmingway, an American writer wrote something about Paris when he came back there after the holiday season. The people are experiencing the end of the season, a New year enters and brings longer days. The lively holiday spirit settled down and you can now see clearer skies. Hemmingway wrote that during this time you can keep yourself warm on the terraces of good cafes.

January is actually an off-season time in Paris but not for the shoppers. After the holiday, most of the Parisians have excess money and what else will they do, of course they can go shopping because the prices drop off during this time. If for tourists, this time is not a best time to visit Paris because of the fewer activities available, it is different for those who love shopping. Your money will have a greater value in having great buys in a lower price that can not happen during the peak seasons.

January in Paris is an off-peak season so you can be assured that if you plan to travel during that time, you can have a lower priced flight. It is just natural because fewer people travel to Paris during the off-season. But for travelers who do not give so much attention to season, it is the best time to travel to Paris because almost everything has cut down prices including hotels. During the off-season period you can find a cheap hotel and you can even stay longer have more value for you money. There is no difference on the major attractions during peak season and off-season because those are structures, only that during the holidays there are more activities to do and you can see more. Also the good thing about off-season is that the streets were not clogged as it is during the holidays. You can enjoy appreciating works of art for longer hours and without the hassle of crowded places.

During January, the main attractions to visit are the cafes that will keep you warm. Cafes are warm and perfect for hanging out to relax. Better yet you could bring plenty of books to read or have your laptop with you and surf the net with comfort and warmth while enjoying a flavorful cup of coffee.

When traveling to Paris in the month of January you have to bear in mind that this month is exceptionally cold so you have to be geared up properly to keep you warm. You should also bring an umbrella because Paris has sudden rain pours. You should also bring waterproof boots to keep your feet warm and together with that you must also bring gloves to warm your hands. January in Paris may be freezing but this will not stop you to have a great tour with proper preparation you can have an enjoyable vacation during the off-season.