How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Paris in February–Romance is in the Air

The month of February in Paris, although an off-peak season there are still many enjoyable things to do and see during this month. Remember that February is the month of love, it is the season of loving hearts, the Valentine’s Day. Who can resist the romantic place such as Paris for a romantic month? Paris is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner that will surely give a special moment especially for couples who want to spend the Valentine’s.

In Paris there is also a community of Chinese people located at the south, you will be able to witness the Chinese New Year in Paris if you go on a February. It presents a colorful feast matched with the famous dragon dance that lights up the streets of Paris in fire. It warms up the chilly environment and would surely catch your attention. During the month also you can get a good deal among flights because even if it is a celebrated month, in Paris it is an off-season so if you have booked a ticket earlier, prices are lower and you’ll be surprised for paying lesser than you expect.

Since few tourists visit Paris during this month, it is the best time of visit for those who want to have a longer time in looking over art galleries because the places are not crowded. You can tour for longer hours compared when there are a lot of visitors. When you are the type of person who is not very active it is just right for you to visit Paris on a February because cafes are the main attractions during this season. You can pack good books to read and bring your laptop with you and surf the net in the comfort and warmth inside a café.

When visiting Paris on this month you have to prepare warm clothing because it is usually very cold. Have a warm jacket, good pair of waterproof boots and gloves that will keep your hands warm. Do not spoil your vacation by not being able to get out because of the cold weather, proper preparation will still allow you to enjoy your tour even with a freezing temperature. Also do not forget to bring an umbrella with you because even if it rarely rains in Paris, it comes unexpectedly.

This month is also great for shoppers because the prices are relatively low because of various shop sales. You can purchase items with great discounts so many Parisians and visitors alike go shopping galore. Just also be mindful of the money that you have, be sure to keep it safe because you don’t want to ruin your vacation out of carelessness. Having a tour without a pocket money is the worse thing that might happen to a tourist, you can not do anything without your budget and you will starve.