How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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How to Plan a Week’s Stay in Paris on a Budget

A short tour or vacation to Paris is not that advisable because with the limited time you have, you will not be able to roam the whole city and see all places.

The city has a lot to present and a four week stay would not be enough to see all of those. But with proper planning and research, you will be able to experience an enjoyable and great Paris experience for a week with a limited budget. Here are some guides that might help you plan your short vacation and you will be satisfied that your tour in Paris was short but it was totally unforgettable and be convinced that you have seen Paris.

Finding a very nice and cheap hotel is a task that you should essentially consider when you plan a very short vacation. It is important that the place where you will stay is near to train station and to the main attractions that you plan to visit. If you don’t want to pay high rates on hotels, you can either have an apartment or a hostel to save some few bucks. A hostel called 3 Ducks is known for its good services including tours, you can avail their accommodation which is right for a short tour. During the first day you can visit a famous cemetery in Paris where the tombs of well-known French personalities lie.

On your second day at 3 Ducks, you can come and visit Musee D’Orsay where you can see many paintings of famous painters such as Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and many other artists that made a mark in the art of painting. Just near the Museum, it will only take you a short walk and you can visit the Notre Dame, Frenche Pantheon, Saint Chapelle, Saint Germaine Street and other structures to see. Every time you spent in Paris, you can find something beautiful and interesting because of the city’s rich cultural background. Utilize the free tour offered by the hostel and watch the original Moulin rouge and see a lot of famous French personalities who usually hung out there. The guide will take you to the highest area in the city in a place called Sacre Coeur. The Places above can be visited by means of walking so you can enjoy more of the scenery and feel that somehow you belong to the city.

During the third day of your stay in Paris, go and avail the whole day tour on a bus for only 100 USD, the bus includes a trip in Versailles and will take you back to Paris later on before night. When you are back from the bus tour you can have a stroll by walking along Tuilerie Gardens and after that you can visit other open museums that exhibit the paintings of the famous Van Gogh and Monet. And of course on the last day of your short tour, never ever miss the chance of visiting the Eiffel tower, the Paris experience is not complete without you visiting this spot.