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Hotel Crillon Paris

The article discusses the history of the man behind the famous Hotel Crillon in Paris and the other major sites that made a great impact in the European History.

Hotel Crillon Paris or Hotel de Crillon, known as the oldest and luxurious hotel in France situated at the foot of the renowned Champs-Élysées at the north side of Place de la Concorde. We have heard of it, but not much written literature exists about the history of the surrounding places around the hotel, which is an enriching and deepens the experience for history students.

The hotel carillon paris was bought from the Duke d’Aumont by the family of Count of Crillon François-Félix-Dorothee Berton des Balbes and named it after his ancestor, Le Brave Crillon, the brave duke , who was one of King Henry IVs greatest general, known for his fierce loyalty and bravery. The hotel, seized during the French revolution and was used later on by the Germans as their headquarters. It was later on, returned in 1907 to the Crillon family. The family then turned it over to the Société du Louvre and then refurbished into a hotel.

Behind the fashion and exclusivity, high review of the place, hip and trendy bar, coffee and bistro shops, and a dark bloody past surrounds the Place de la Concorde. Located just at the north side of the hotel carillon paris, it was first made to honor Louis XV. During the French revolution, the statute of King Louis XV was removed and a guillotine was set up in the center of the plaza, it was now called as the “Place de la Révolution.” It also started the “reign of terror” which claimed known personalities like Maria Antoinette, Princess Elizabeth and Lavoisier as some of its victims. A Luxor obelisk, Egypt’s gift to France, now stands on the area where the guillotine was.

Just off the other side of hotel carillon paris lies the street of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré known for exclusive designer shops like Gucci, Swarovski, Valentino and Versace, and also the home of the Vogue magazine. The street was name after Saint Honoré who is a popular French saint, Honorius of Amiens. The street became popular because of the royal perfumer Jean-François Houbigant commissioned as the royal perfumer of the Royalty including Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria and Napoleon’s wife, Josephine. The famous Houbigant rumor states that her attackers identified Queen Marie Antoinette because of her Houbigant perfume, which only the royalty can afford during the time.

The hotel carillon paris is also situated near iconic areas like the Arc of Triomphe, a military monument stating Napoleon’s victories. To the southwest lies the Grand Palais, this has a major police station on the basement to protect the artifacts. To the east lies the Louvre, a former fortress built by Philip II and turned into a museum, which houses Royal collections, paintings like the Mona Lisa and sculptures like the Venus de Milo. The French Revolution leave the Louvre in a sticky situation as fears for vandalism and theft rises but later on protected by different institution, contributing and donating to the museum that increases the holdings of the museum.

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