How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Family Hotels Paris

Enjoy your family vacation by finding the perfect hotel room in Paris that caters for the whole family.

Long pass the time when you and your hubby got a chance to go out and enjoy the weekend or take a vacation trip. With kids around, planning a long distance trip is a herculean effort. Not to mention the fact, that it is costly and therefore limits ones choices to nearby areas. Nevertheless, you can travel and have your dream European vacation by availing of family hotels paris which are inexpensive and are more affordable than expensive hotels like Le Merciere or Crillon.

Before you book your family hotels paris, here are some things that you should take into consideration to make your vacation perfect.

Location – Start your search by asking your friends who have already taken their vacation in france. They would usually recommend a place to stay. If you have no friends or do not know of anyone, look at the internet for reputable booking websites. You can try to book at Agoda, as I already tried it before when I used it to book for a trip. You can also try the hotel’s websites; avail of discounts as early birds received a 25% to almost 75% discount if you book a room earlier.

Type of rooms – many familyhotelsparis have small to middle sized rooms as they are family owned and some are the families previous houses converted to boutique hotels. Paris has rigid structures considering their hotels and is categorized in different types with star rating ranging from one to five stars. Some rooms are savvy and have themes whereas others are official rooms of stars and influential people.

Type of accommodations– hotels are categorized in different types like boutique (14-20 rooms), luxury (30 – 60 rooms) and design hotels (each room has a different theme.) If you have kids, you can rent an apartment (which usually cost you two rooms of a cheaper hotel.) You can also book a studio type, bed and breakfast type of room that gives your family privacy (especially if your kid likes to cry at night.) Although booking an apartment is more of a hassle as some proprietors accepts only cash and you have to wire transfer deposit, they do not also offer room service.

Sites/Attraction – if you want easy access to shopping destination and major site attraction and money is no problem, consider booking a room at hotel de crillon. This family hotels paris is a five star hotel that has all the major destination just a stone throw away. Wake up to the smell of the Tuileries Gardens, on the left side is the Place de la Concorde and at the eastern end is the Champs-Élysées where you can take a short stroll while your kids are taking their afternoon nap. You can also do your shopping at the Avenue Montaigne or visit the Louvre. You will not get tired and your kids will not turn cranky.

Kid/Pet friendly – If you cannot leave your pets at home, there are some family hotels paris that are pet friendly and have special rooms with pet friendly accommodations. You can ask the hotel if they charge for the accommodation of your pet. Other hotels have also customized their services to accommodate nursing rooms and playrooms for children.