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EuroTunnel Channel Tunnel Booking

December 3rd, 2008 by paris

Understanding the different modes of transport available for Channel Tunnel Crossings can be very confusing. Here is your quick 5 minutes free guide to Eurotunnel.

What is the Channel Tunnel ?
Le tunnel sous la Manche, The tunnel under the sleeve (sea), is what we call the Channel Tunnel, fondly known by its admires as the Chunnel (combining channel and Tunnel), is a 50 km or 31 miles long undersea tunnel which links Folkestone, in Kent UK with Calais in northern France beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover.

What are the advantages of Eurotunnel compared to other forms of Channel Tunnel Crossing ?

  1. Only 35 minutes, from Folkestone to Calais. The quickest way to cross the channel
  2. Up to 3 shuttles per hour
  3. Shorter check in time. Starts 2 hours before departure and latest check in is 30 minutes before departure.
  4. Channel Tunnel Booking is the cheapest, compared to other modes of channel crossing!
  5. The ticket price covers the car and upto 9 passengers !
  6. Pets, can be taken easily !
  7. E-Tickets, manned or automated check in at the terminal
  8. Drive off straight away when you arrive in France, no customs checks on arrival
  9. Nice spacious, bright, air conditioned carriages with toilets
  10. Easy to find terminal locations in Folkestone and Calais
  11. Facilities for disabled passengers, including priority boarding, disabled toilets etc…

What are the Disadvantages of crossing the channel by Eurotunnel ?

  1. Cannot travel as only a foot passenger
  2. Restrictions on vehicle size, fuel type (LPG or duel fuel vehicles are not allowed !) what the vehicles can carry (commercial goods for resale aren’t allowed)

A few more things you need to know about Channel Tunnel Booking

  1. EuroTunnel Vs Eurostar, is there a difference between the two ? These are two separate companies. Eurotunnel owns the undersea tunnel, and operates a shuttle service for cars and freight services and the foot passenger only service, Eurostar which starts at St Pancras rents the tunnel from Eurotunnel for passage through the channel.
  2. When you take your vehicle you must inform Eurotunnel in advance about
    1. Type of vehicle and height (Car / Car based Van/Van/Campervan/minibus/motorcycle/car with roofbox/bikes)
    2. Trailer or caravan if any
    3. Is the vehicle dual fueled with either LPG or equivalent flammable gas ? If so vehicle cannot be transported with Eurotunnel !
    4. Gas containers for domestic services, on capmpervans and caravans must be declared and will be checked (therefor must have easy access to them). Gas connection systems must be in good condition and gas must be switched off while Channel Tunnel Crossing and until unloaded at the disembarkation point.
  3. Can I travel on Eurotunnel (Chunnel tunnel) as a foot passenger?
    No, While the ticket prices are a lot cheaper than Eurostar, Eurotunnel is purely for accompanied vehicles only. However the advantage here is you can have up to 9 passengers in a car, and only with a single ticket !. If you want to travel as only a foot passenger, ie without a car, then you need to catch the Eurostar from St Pancras International in London. Read more about Eurostar on our Eurostar Chunnel Train.
  4. Is it really possible to take my pet ?
    YES !, With the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), it’s much easier for your pets to join in the holiday fun. You much inform Eurotunnel at the time of booking about your pet.

How to book Eurotunnel tickets?
Book well in advance for cheapest Channel Tunnel Booking options.
The easiest and the cheapest way to book tickets is by online, just go to, your specific requirement can be selected at this stage. You will be given an e ticket, which is a confirmation number given as soon as you complete the booking and a confirmation email sent. Either can be used at the terminal for manned or automated check in. If you prefer to book over the phone the number is 08703300379

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  • 1 T Carpenter Dec 10, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    How much would a return ticket with two passengers in a LWB Transit Van, carrying personal items in a house move, nothing intended for resale cost?

  • 2 paris Dec 11, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Looking at the online booking form,
    For a Van,
    1.without a Trailer or caravan and
    2.running on non gas (LPG or equivalent)
    the only restriction would be that you are not allowed to carry a laden load greater than 3 cubic meters. You will be prompted with the question “Are you intending to carry a load greater than 3 cubic meters?”. If you select “YES” at this point it will say either you need to reduce the load, for you to be allowed passage on the Passenger service.

    Cost is variable, book early (and online) to save. Please read Cheap Channel Tunnel Prices on Eurotunnel to find out how to get the best deals.
    Hope this helps 🙂
    Visit Paris Team.

  • 3 Sungsingsong Mar 21, 2009 at 1:21 am

    Not having to go through customs is a huge plus in my book. This adds up to real time savings and I am also not one to be fond of a hassle, so it’s all good. The ability to phone book is also uber convenient. I am all about the convenient….time is money, right? 😉