How to visit Paris on a budget secrets, tips and tricks

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Enjoy your Backpacking Trips in Europe via the Eurotrain

Have a great backpacking summer treat in Europe without having to spend much but still enjoying the whole Europe. This article discusses the different types of passes that can help you explore Europe.

If you are a student or a backpacker like me, chances are, you want to trot and enjoy going around the world without having to spend outside of your budget. This is the life of a backpacker – living on a crowded dormitory space, eating cheap foods from hawkers and food stands, and from walking kilometers upon kilometers of trail or riding cheap bus or hopping on trains like a Eurotrain. However, being a backpacker is not all hardships as many still preferred to backpack. Why? This is because only thru experiencing such hardships that one can truly say that, they have experience living and enjoying life.

To start your European backpacking event, why not try availing yourself of eurotrain db tickets. This pass is by far the cheapest way to travel from one European country to another. Eurail is one of the 30 or so consortium that sells cheap Eurotrain tickets that you can use to travel by train or by boat. It is easy for you to go to Paris without purchasing expensive airline tickets that may look like a sale but would end up losing your luggage in the process.

There are many different types of Eurotrain passes that you can avail so before starting to purchase one, select the places that you wanted to visit as some of the countries that you want to stopover might not be included in the pass therefore you have to take bus or airplane to visit it. If you want to visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel or the idée, there are many local tours that hostels offer which can take you around the city for one day. This will save time and are affordable as it is

There are four types of Eurail passes available in the market today. The (1) is the global pass, which usually cost $419 and gives you the chance to visit 21 countries. (2) Select pass cost $269 and which allows you to choose 4 to 5 countries or destination that you want. (3) Regional pass cost $149 and you can choose from 25 regions, it also includes passes for Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux (+Belgium + Netherlands + Luxembourg). (4) One country pass cost $39 it contains 17 countries to choose.

Remember that as the case maybe there are also limitations on the Eurotrain passes that you have. For one, this passes allows you to go from one country to another so if there is an event that you want to attend to, you can go there without having to buy another pass. Another is that it has a 15 day up to 3 months validity and some trains need reservations therefore you have to check if there is one in the train that you are going to ride on. Third, is that your pass is valid only on the countries that is specified or indicated on it so it is best to check the countries that you want to explore before buying one.