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Disabled Guide to Holiday in Paris

This page of disabled guide to holiday in Paris will serve as the perfect companion of mobility-impaired travelers. This will give them more opportunities while having a holiday vacation in the city.

Travel Agents and Associations for the Disabled Travelers

To make the most of the visit of the individuals with mobility disabilities memorable, several travel agents and associations are always there to cater your travel needs. Among these provider are as follows:

  • Access Tourisme Service

Access Tourisme ensures that your trip in Paris City is fun, relaxing, and enjoyable knowing that you have difficulties of access and movement. It offers various options of programs individually or in group. It prides itself as an excellent provider of more accessible trip for travelers with disabilities. It is happy to provide you with a great taste of true discovery, revival of the tradition of frequent flyer accounts, and authenticity. Its service is available during weekends and holidays, with rental car, bus or minibus adapted, medical equipment, coaching, Hotel 2, 3, 4, and minivan equipment.

  • Association Christal in Paris

Association Christal serves as the temporary home for adults with mobility impairment. Among the services it offers to its residents include weekend break, holidays in France (Aude, Vendee, Perigord, etc.), theme breaks (Mardi Gras and kitchen), and vacancy in the mountains with skiing-kart. It sees to it that it will provide you a service the exactly suited to your handicap through its specialized staff, volunteers and interns, family home for up to six people with minimal mobility, two vehicles adapted, paramedic equipment, and adapted recreation equipment.

Companies Offering Equipment for Travelers with Mobility Problems

Other than the facilities and amenities provided by above-mentioned travel agents and associations, there are several corporations offering disabled guide to holiday in Paris specifically on the equipment for the easy mobility of the disabled travelers. These facilities will help them transfer from their hotel holiday inn or beach resort to anywhere they would prefer spend the rest of their vacation.

  • MARCONNET Technologies

MARCONNET markets innovative equipment allowing travelers to move better. The company depends on the network of major retailers as well as with the independent retailers. It manufactures materials for reduce mobility travelers including handcycles, therapeutic tricycle vehicle adapted, flotation, suitable boats, special gloves, and TTF electric power-assisted bicycles.

  • Spokes ‘n Motion

Spokes ‘n Motion sells high quality adaptive sports equipment for mobility impaired individuals. Included in its list of equipment are ski clothing, ice sledge hockey equipment, handcycle and handbike, third wheel all terrain, beach and all terrain wheelchair, and adaptive/disabled waterski and wakeboard equipment.


The full range of facilities provided by Tessier enables travelers to find the right hardware to its desires and capabilities. They include Tandemski for mountain accessibility, Dualski Pilot for shared slides, Kartski for balance in skiing or Uniski and Dualski, Scarver, and CIMGO for mountain climbing all summer. The company also offers stabilizers for skiers sit and upright, skydiving for ski-lift, and other accessories.

So are you now interested about disabled guide to holiday in Paris? Why not start planning your holiday vacation to this City of Light and visit the websites of the aforementioned travel agents, associations, and companies for detained information.