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Chunnel: from London to Paris

Do you want to go to Paris but are terrified of heights?  Or are you simply tired of the whole airport scene, and want to try a faster and cheaper mode of transportation?  Then you should try to take the Chunnel, a great alternative for traveling from London to Paris.

The Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel, a road tunnel connecting England to France, was suggested to Napoleon in 1802, but it took two centuries later that the digging began.  In 1994, the people welcomed this $15 billion link to the two major cities, as President Mitterland of France and Queen Elizabeth II officially opened it.  To this date, the Eurostar Chunnel train gets about 22,000 passengers each day; and with a travel time of two hours and fifteen minutes from London to Paris, and one hour and fifty minutes from London to Brussels, it is said that no train or any mode of transportation can surpass the quality of service that Eurostar provides.

Eurostar terminals are the Waterloo International Train Station, Paris Nord Train Station and the Eurostar Station in Brussels.  They are located downtown and have access to other public transport and taxi services.  For total ease and secured safety, all passengers of the Chunnel follows an airport style boarding process, with security and passport control before arriving in the departure lounge, though the procedure only takes about 20 minutes, as opposed to the real airport procedure.

Three kinds of seating are available in the Chunnel: premium first, first class and standard class.  Each class has comfortable seats and other features that suit your needs. Since it is one of the most popular means of transportation in crossing the English Channel, it is advisable that one books his railway trip earlier.  You can book your trip six months in advance to make sure that there are cheaper and better seats for you., and other websites allow you to book your tour online, and ahead of schedule.  You may also want to take advantage given to youth travelers and passholders.

Eurostar enables you to cut down a few hours of travel time, stress from flying, and cheaper rates for you to have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Paris.  With these factors, it would be easy for you to decide why you would want to use the Chunnel the next time you travel from London to Paris.