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Channel Tunnel Crossings by Train

December 9th, 2008 by paris

Traveling by train is something many of us enjoy, even if you suffer from car sickness (or sea sickness) you can have a very comfortable journey on a train. I used to get violently car sick (and had to take loads of Avomin tablets, which I hate to date with a vengeance.) but the sight of a train calms me down, I am a happy camper especially if I am offered a short ride in the Engine, with the driver (no such luck with modern trains though !).

Compared to other forms of transport, especially air travel (or English Channel Ferries), Channel Tunnel Crossings by train (either Eurostar or Eurotunnel ) offer the following advantages

  1. Much cheaper than Ferry travel or Air Travel.
  2. Plenty of leg room (If traveling by Eurotunnel, you will be in your car.)
  3. Main train stations are always located right in the middle of the city centers. So No long, and packed transfers from air port to city centres.
  4. Quick check ins, unlike long waiting times at air ports !
  5. No extra charges, for baggage, air port taxes, or Fuel surcharges
  6. Train travel is much greener
  7. You don’t get seasick or have to face rough seas (or unpredictable wind/weather conditions).

What documents do you need for Channel Tunnel Crossings ?

  1. Full valid Driving License. You cannot travel with a UK provisional license !
  2. Vehicle Insurance certificate
  3. Original vehicle registration documents
  4. Passport or ID card
    1. EU Citizens need national identity card or a valid passport
    2. Non EU citizens need a valid passport and may need a visa, depending on the length of stay and their country of origin.
    3. Visa is not required for residence of “Schengen” countries. To find out visa requirements please visit the Do you need a Visa?
    4. Expiry date of passports
      1. British passport holders can travel until the expiry date of passport
      2. other passports mush have minimum 6 months before expiry

If you follow the above steps you can have an enjoyable experience with any mode of Channel Tunnel Crossings.

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  • 1 Lola Falona Mar 22, 2009 at 8:34 am

    I, too, get terribly seasick. If I so much as look at a boat, I might throw up. The train is definitely more up my alley as result. I am glad to read this post and realize I am not all alone in the world. Thanks for laying out all the particulars on what is needed to make a channel tunnel crossing..very helpful indeed!