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Channel Tunnel Booking For Your Pets

December 6th, 2008 by paris

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), has made is easy for your pets to join your holiday without having to spend time at quarantine!. Eurotunnel must be informed at Channel Tunnel Booking time about the pets travelling with you. Unlike other forms of transport, you can keep your pet with you with you throughout the entire journey. Many hotels welcome pets, but please check at booking !.

When traveling from France to the UK, the Pet Control Booth will do  the necessary checks.
Pet’s  must have below in the exact specified order

  1. The Microchip (ISO 11784/5, if not must provide a reader )
  2. Vaccinated against rabies
  3. Blood tested ( only necessary if your pet is entering or re-entering the UK, Malta or, from a country other than the UK, the Republic of Ireland. Ferrets are exempted ).
  4. EU Passport (rabbits and pet rodents are exempted)
  5. Treated against ticks and tapeworms.

Documentation must prove vaccinations and treatments ( for rabies, ticks and worms )
As  a treat to your pets, terminals are equipped with exercise areas for your pets !

Channel tunnel prices for Pets (Only from France to the UK)

Dogs cats and ferrets
£30 (€46) per pet
Passport  Required
Must be declared.
Registered guide dogs travel free of charge, but they are subjected to the same checks     and restrictions

Pet rabbits and rodents (Guinea pigs, rats, mice, chinchilla and other small pets).
Free of charge!
Passport  not required
Must be declared.

Water mammals, birds, reptiles, insects
Free of charge!
Passport  not required
Must be declared.

Horses and other land mammals
Not allowed on the Eurotunnel

For other animals
For other species or with for more than 5 pets,
Please contact Eurotunnel before your Channel Tunnel Booking.

Pet passports for channel tunnel crossings
Must match with the pet’s microchip serial number and the date the chip was inserted,
Must have rabies vaccination, Tick and Tapeworm treatment details

For more information about the PETS scheme please visit DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme
If you follow the advice of the carrier and DEFRA your pet/s can have a very comfortable Channel Tunnel Booking and a journey of a lifetime.

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  • 3 Jean-Marque Mar 25, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Some people are absolutely bonkers for like 5 seconds without their pets! Thank goodness that this has been taken into consideration. Pets can be like children to people, you know? But, as I have personally traveled with my poodle before I know, be sure to have all the proper documentation if you want to board!!

  • 4 lydia Aug 26, 2009 at 11:42 am

    just a question, do you have to wait 6mths from date of passport / blood test before dogs can travel?