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Carte Mobilis Paris

March 10th, 2009 by paris

When visiting Paris there are plenty of different attractions to visit. Getting around the city doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg thanks to the Carte Mobilis Paris.

The Carte Mobilis Paris Pass is a one-day pass that you can use over and over again as you venture out into the city. You can use the Carte Mobilis Paris Pass whether you decide to travel by metro, bus, or RER (Réseau Express Régional), which is essentially a subway system in the city.

You can easily purchase Carte Mobilis Paris Passes at any metro, RER, and train stations. You can even purchase the passes in advance. They don’t expire because they are not officially activated until the first use. Once you swipe them the first time though, the clock starts ticking. Get the most use out of them that day, because tomorrow they’ll be no use to you.

There are two specific limitations regarding the passes. First, a Mobilis pass cannot be used to get to or from the airports and Paris. Exceptions to this are the following Bus routes, unfortunately they usually have more than 35 stops, therefor takes a long time to reach the air port.

From central Paris to Charles de Gaulle Airport

  1. Route 350 (Starting from Gare d’Est)


  2. Route 351 (Starting from Nation Metro)


From central Paris to Orly Airport

  1. Route 183 (To Orly south terminal) reconfirm the destination with the driver as some route 183 buses don’t stop way before Orly.


  2. Route 285 Map
  3. Route 292 Map

Please check for more information.

The other limitation with the Carte Mobilis Paris Passes is they are purchased for different zones of the city. There are six zones and passes to accommodate each. It’s best to have a pretty good idea of where you’ll be heading before you purchase the pass. The more zones you want to visit, the more you’ll pay for the pass. For example, to get a pass for zones one and two, it will cost 5.80 Euros. Since most of Paris is located in Zones 1 and 2, this is the best and the cheapest option. To get a pass that covers zones one through six, you’ll shell out 16.40 Euros.

Regardless of which zones the pass is purchased for, if you use it to its fullest potential, it still saves a bundle. The purchase of one Carte Mobilis Paris Pass is the equivalent to five single-ride passes.

The only difference between Carte Mobilis and Passe Navigo Decouverte is Navigo has a longer duration.

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